The 2023 California Truck Driving Championships
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2023 California Truck Driving Championship

The 2023 California Truck Driving Championships

The 2023 California Truck Driving Championships held last Sunday, June 4th, was nothing short of spectacular. The competition was fierce, and the drivers brought their A-game to the table. Hundreds of people gathered to witness the event, and Elite HR Logistics is privileged to be a sponsor!

What is It?

The California Truck Driving Championships is an annual event that tests the skills and abilities of truck drivers in different categories. The categories include Three-Axle, Four-Axle, Five-Axle, Flatbed, Sleeper, Straight Truck, Tanker Truck, Twins, and Package Van. Each category has its unique challenges and requires a different set of skills to maneuver.

What’s Next?

The winners of each category will represent California at the National Championships on August 16 -19, 2023, in Columbus Ohio. These drivers have shown incredible skill and talent and are sure to give their competitors a run for their money at the National Championships. Let’s celebrate the skill from the gentlemen below!

Category       Winner

Three-Axle                    Alfonso Saavedra, XPO
Four-Axle                     Trino Moreno, Old Dominion Freight Line
Five-Axle                      Alfonso Pedregon,UPS
Flatbed                        Johny Pearson, Martin Brower
Sleeper                        Chris Graham, Walmart Transportation
Straight Truck               Ryan Ybarra, UPS
Tanker Truck                  Sebastian Mora, Mulberry Motor Freight
Twins                            Alejandro Fonseca, UPS
Package Van                Jose Lopez, FexEx Ground

The drivers showcased their skills in different challenges, which included pre-trip inspection, written examination, and a driving test. The pre-trip inspection tested the driver’s knowledge of the vehicle and its safety features, while the written examination tested their understanding of the rules and regulations of driving a truck. Kudos to the skill of these drivers, as this competition is comprehensive to say the least!

Our Takeaway

The driving test was the most exciting part of the competition, where the drivers had to maneuver through a course filled with obstacles and tight turns. The judges evaluated the driver’s ability to control the vehicle, maneuver through tight spaces, and their overall driving technique.

The California Truck Driving Championships is not just a competition but an opportunity for drivers to showcase their skills, learn from their peers, and network with industry professionals. It is a celebration of the trucking industry and the hardworking individuals who keep it moving.

Overall, the 2023 California Truck Driving Championships was a fantastic event that showcased the talent and skills of some of the best truck drivers in California. The winners have earned their spot in the National Championships and are sure to make California proud. We wish them the best of luck and cannot wait to see them compete in Columbus Ohio come August!