10 Fun Things to Do with Your Dad for Father's Day
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Father's Day

10 Fun Things to Do with Your Dad for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special day to celebrate the dads in our lives. It’s a time to show our appreciation for all they do for us, and to spend some quality time together. If you’re looking for some fun and memorable activities to do with your dad, look no further! Here are Elite HR’s top 10 fun things to do with your dad for Father’s Day:


1. Go to a Sporting Event

If your dad is a sports fan, this is a great way to bond over your shared love of the game. You can go to a professional game, a college game, or even just a local high school game. The game doesn’t have to be on Father’s Day, as you can always surprise him with the tickets on Sunday!


2. Have a Picnic in the Park

This is a classic Father’s Day activity for a reason. You can pack a lunch, spread out a blanket, and enjoy the outdoors. If the weather is nice, you can even go for a walk or play some frisbee in the park. Bonus points if you bring Cornhole to see your dad get in touch with his competitive side.


3. Go Fishing

After all, Father’s Day and National Go Fishing Day both coincide on June 17th. If your dad loves to fish, this is a great way to spend some time together in nature. You can go to a local lake or river, or even just a pond in your backyard. We recommend a cooler full of his favorite sodas, or preferably beer, to add to the day!


4. Go Golfing

Golf is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors. If your dad is a golfer, this is a great activity to do together. You can either play a round of golf or just practice on the driving range.


5. Movie Time

Relax and spend some time together at the movie theatre! This June has dozens of great movies playing. From action movies like the latest John Wick, Fast & Furious, Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City, and scary thrillers like Evil Dead Rise. Bonus points if you find a theatre with reclining seats – just don’t let dad fall asleep! See this link for movies out now.


6. Time to Bowl

Bowling is a fun and competitive activity that you can do together. You can go for a casual game, or maybe join a league together. This is a great way to let loose and have some fun with your dad.


7. Play Video Games

If your dad is a gamer, this is a great way to bond with him. You can play his favorite games or try some new ones together. Also, arcade games are sure to bring some nostalgia for both of you, so look into your local arcade!


8. Build Something Together

If your dad is handy, this is a great way to spend some time together and learn a new skill. You can build anything from a birdhouse, a piece of furniture, or even a model of his favorite classic car/motorcycle/plane. We recommend doing this if your dad is patient and loves building; otherwise your Sunday can seem like a day of work!


9. Cook Together or His Favorite Treat

You can always bond in the kitchen by making his favorite dish or treat. Whether this is barbecuing, baking brownies, or making his favorite pasta dish; a key to anyone’s heart is good food.


10. Just Hang Out

One of our favorite activities amongst the list, and it’s sometimes the most preferred by dads! There shouldn’t be any pressure on Father’s Day, and most of our dads just want to relax. Sit back together and talk about old times, future goals, and enjoy the Sunday.


Have a Great Father’s Day

These are just a few ideas for fun things you can do with your dad for Father’s Day. So get creative and plan something that your dad will love. No matter what you do, the day is about spending time together. Let your dad know how much you appreciate him.